My daughter,the mother of 3 small children had developed hideous pain and swelling over the past weekend from a broken lower molar. We arrived Mon AM as soon as they opened. With-in the hour she was pain free. Check-in took about 5 min. Diagnostic imaging revealed the massive abscess under her molar. We had that and a firm price quote in 5 min. Completely reasonable fee. Dr Vogel saw her immediately. Explanation of procedure was simple. Local anesthesia was injected. Almost instant relief occurred. Tooth was extracted. Antibiotic RX was given. Dr Vogel and his staff are incredible. I HIGHLY RECCOMEND recommend this practice for anyone who is in pain and fearful of dentists. You will be SOoooo glad you went!

Debbie Bridges

RN Cox Health

Surgery was successful painless, very very quick and professional, vogel was extremely friendly and intelligent, my charge for my situation was a little over 200 and was very fair and was definitely worth it. I want to say thank you to vogel and his team


Two thumbs up for E.R. Dentist. This is a first rate facility! I presented with a very painful moler that was infected. The staff and Dr. Vogel were very nice and proffesional. After a quick x-ray I was in the chair. Dr. Vogel did a great job and the extraction was virtually pain free. I was there at nine and out by ten. I would wholeheartedly recommend the ER Dentist!


I am very happy with both experiences I’ve had at the Dental ER. I had probably went 10-15 years without seeing a dentist prior to Dr. Vogal. I Had at least 6 teeth that had various degrees of cavities/broken and some that were also infected. I first went and two broken wisdom teeth removed. Not only was it quick and painless but he also noted an infection on another tooth and gave me antibiotics for it. Although I have dental insurance it was cheaper for me to return to him to remove the remaining problem teeth. I am so thankful for the Dental ER team. I only wish I could go there for all my dental needs!!!


I am so greatful for Dr Vogal and his staff. I had been unable to see my dentist and I do not have insurance I suffered with accessed back lower tooth and was in excruciating pain . Dr Vogal is very professional and his staff is kind and empathetic. Everything was explained and my X-Ray showed the abscessed tooth. They made certain I was in no pain and completely numb then extracted the tooth quickly. I was in and out in no time and it is the best dental experience I have ever had . I highly recommend them and the price was also unbelievably reasonable. God bless them and I can’t thank them enough.

Abby Letterman

I had a sudden toothache and my dentist was closed. I went to Dental ER and Dr. Vogel took a digital x-ray, did a quick exam and immediately diagnosed my problem. He told me I needed a root canal and arranged an appointment with a specialist for me. He prescribed antibiotics to treat the infection and help with the pain. Dr. Vogel was so understanding and kind, which really helped calm me down. I highly recommend Dental ER to anyone that has an urgent dental problem and needs help right away. You won’t be at Dental ER long because Dr. Vogel gets you in and out as fast as possible and OUT OF PAIN. Plus the cost is incredibly affordable! Thank you Dental ER!

Glenda DeFontes